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New Alert! Compliance Opportunity

Please visit BVIACO website to review the full details.
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The BVIACO in Joint Collaboration with The Bahamas and Curacao Compliance Association, Hosts Virtual Half Day Seminar

Gain some insight into "Risk Assessment on VASP and "VASP Transaction Monitoring." Together we can understand how to mitigate the risks. You don't want to miss it!
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Upcoming VASP Presentation by the FSC. 1 June 2023 - Don't miss it!

Click for more info-> Event Registration
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Save the Date: Forum with the FSC

Here is your chance to gain some insight on the VASP legislation.
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REMINDER - Lunch and Learn: Fighting Fraud

The BVIACO invites you to attend a lunch and learn forum on the topics “Compliance fight against fraud and Corporate governance failures.” More details are included in the attached flyer. Bring your lunch and join us as key speakers share relevant details on these important topics. Together, we can understand how best to identify and tackle the risks. BVIACO is here to serve all our compliance professionals. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.
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