The Executive Council.

The British Virgin Islands Association of Compliance Officers (“BVI ACO”) aims to foster a culture of compliance in the jurisdiction. It is the BVI ACO’s ultimate goal to contribute to the reputation of the British Virgin Islands as a highly attractive and regulated international financial centre.

In doing so, the BVI ACO through its membership will promote the importance of compliance through various forums, encourage the sharing of information and exchange of ideas amongst the industry as well as with the policy makers and provide opportunities to the entire industry for professional development.

Every two years the members elect a council of seven members to represent them. These members meet once per month, or more frequently where required, to discuss the objectives of the BVI ACO.

The Executive Council as of April 2015 for the 2019/2020 term, along with their email addresses is as follows:

Chairman: T’sa James-Hodge chairman@bviaco.org

Vice Chairman: Myrla-May Barzey-Penn vicechair@bviaco.org

Secretary: Lesia Grazette secretary@bviaco.org

Assistant Secretary: Tritia Guishard asstsec@bviaco.org

Treasurer: Roschelle Smith treasurer@bviaco.org

Education Chair: Stacyann Shaw Goodridge educhair@bviaco.org

Legislative Chair: Adenike Sicard legalchair@bviaco.org

Ethics Chair: Blondell Challenger ethicschair@bviaco.org