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BVIACO Achieves Successes in Scholarship Program in 2021

Saluting our Scholarship Recipients

The BVI Association of Compliance Officers and Practitioners (BVIACO) is a not for profit registered association, which through profits garnered from its annual Compliance conference seeks to promote professional development programmes in the BVI. This includes creating opportunities for other training seminars and workshops and more importantly, facilitates the Association’s scholarship program.

The establishment of a scholarship program, which honours the Association’s first Chairman, in the name of the late Mrs. Harriette Skelton, seeks to provide industry professionals who have an interest in, and who are desirous of building their careers in Compliance, the opportunity to participate in programmes to advance their understanding, skillset, and expertise in the field. Since its inception, the Harriette Skelton Scholarship programme has seen indisputable success, some of which will be highlighted in this article.     

  • Successful completion of ICA Diploma in Governance, Risk and Compliance

We are elated to congratulate Nigel Williams on successfully completing the International Compliance Association (ICA) program in Governance, Risk, and Compliance. In 2018, he was awarded the scholarship as the first recipient of the Harriette Skelton Scholarship. In November 2021, Nigel received the exciting news that he successfully completed the program. He is now an ICA certified Member, having earned the designation, MICA, who is internationally recognized as a qualified Compliance professional. Today, we celebrate with him for completing this great achievement.


  • Successful completion of Introduction to Compliance Certificate at FSI and ICA Advanced Certificate in Regulatory Compliance


https://intranet.harneys.com/images/profiles/0327/square-Taniese%20Clark.jpgWe extend our congratulations to Taniese Clarke, the 2019 recipient of the Harriette Skelton Scholarship, on successfully completing not one but two courses in her career journey in Compliance. Taniese achieved her first milestone in successfully completing the Introduction to Compliance course at the then HLSCC Financial Services Institute (FSI) now renamed the Dr. Robert Mathavious Institute (RMI). With a clear direction, she continued straight away to the advanced certificate course, the next level in the program.



In June 2021, Taniese received the exciting news of her successful completion of the ICA Advanced certificate course in Regulatory Compliance. She is committed to advancing her level of expertise in the field and BVIACO was honoured to be able to provide her with this opportunity. As she continues to pursue her educational ambitions in the field, we celebrate her current successes and look forward to saluting her on future achievements.


  • 2021 Scholarship Awardees in Diploma in Governance, Risk and Compliance and Introduction to Compliance Certificate at RMI

At the 5th Annual Compliance conference held on 1-2 December 2021, Chairman of BVIACO, T’sa James-Hodge was pleased to announce the newest scholarship recipients. At this year’s conference, BVIACO expanded the scholarship offerings under the Harriette Skelton Scholarship program awarding two (2) successful scholarship recipients. For the first time, BVIACO has jointly offered a junior level course in the Introduction to Compliance and a senior level course with the ICA Diploma in Governance, Risk and Compliance this year. BVIACO is pleased to be able to offer more than one course this year affording more professionals the opportunity to participate in courses in the field of Compliance. We congratulate the awardees;

Delice James                                                 Temulji Hughes

ICA Diploma in Governance, Risk                  Introductory Certificate in Compliance at the Dr.

and Compliance                                              Robert Mathavious Institute (RMI)    


We wish these individuals success in their respective programs.

BVIACO provides opportunities annually for interested persons to take advantage of the scholarship offerings. In 2022, the Association will again be seeking nominations for scholarships. We encourage practitioners and interested persons to take advantage of this opportunity. Contact any member of the  Executive Committee of BVIACO directly or send any inquiries to educhair@bviaco.org and secretary@bviaco.org.

Congratulations & Continued Success extended to all Scholarship Recipients


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